This just came across the line today as the Calcasieu Waterworks District No. 5 of Wards 3 and 8 has officially issued a boil advisory effective immediately for Tommys Lane, which is close to Opelousas Street.

The cause is due to a valve closure for construction that has caused pressure loss. At this time it is recommended that all residents in the area begin disinfecting their water before consumption. This also includes fountain drinks, ice made from the water at home, and water that is being used to brush your teeth. You should also boil your water one full minute in a clean container before using it to cook food.

If you notice that the water has a flat taste to it, please shake the water in a clean bottle, and pour it from one clean container into another. Finally, add a small pinch of salt to the water that is being boiled.

The boil advisory will be lifted once there is an all-clear from the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals' Office of Public Health.


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