If you missed out on the phenomenal show the last time that the lady's crooner Brian Mcknight brought to Lake Charles. You need to be in the building for this show.  In May, 2019 Brian Mcknight graced the stage of the Golden Nugget and really put on a show for all of the music lovers in the building.

Well obviously last year the world fell apart and there was no entertainment and many people weren't able to socialize like they used to. I Have been to several shows at The Golden Nugget and Brian's show was one of the last ones that I saw. When I tell you he really brought down the house. He came on stage and went through a string of hit songs from his very beginning in 94. He also talked about one of his first shows being here in Lake Charles and talked about his journey of a stellar career. He has worked with so many great artist including actress/ singer Vanessa Williams, Mase and even Kobe Bryant.

He is returning on July 31 for a show for the grown folks to enjoy and tickets are still available now.at Golden Nugget.com When my wife and I saw him in 2019, while I had been a fan of his from his beginning. It felt good to be taken down the memory lane and really having the chance to enjoy great music that brought back memories including when I first met my wife. Don't miss the show and be on the look out for Johnny Gill who is coming next month.


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