When I first heard about the rapper Lecrae, I couldn't believe that he was a Christian rapper, Not because of his disdain for profanity, but because he can take out some of the best of them right now. He hails from Houston and has been making noise for awhile. I think it only shows that the brother is talented and should not be undestimated.

His latest album "Gravity" debut at the top of the Billboard's top 200 and this was without any major label or radio push. This is solely on the fanbase that he has established over the years and man has it paid off. Check out the latest video where he talks about the peddling of things in America and how everything basically has a price.


Lacrae- Made In America:

If you are a fan of hip hop and you want it with a conscious level without the profanity, then this is the guy for you. Since finding out about him, I made it a point to go and download all of the albums that he has released and have not been disappointed at all by his music. Make sure you stay up to day with what he has coming up and what he is working on by following his site Lecrae. com!