Chicago rapper Chief Keef can't seem to stay out of trouble, beside the fact that he was recently released from jail, and arrested just a week ago, he was arrested again on Tuesday, May 29th. The second arrest was caught on police dash-cam video.

Last week Keef, real name "Keith F. Cozart," was arrested in Atlanta On May 20, at the Le Meridien Atlanta Perimeter hotel in Dunwoody, Ga., north of Atlanta. He was arrested for disorderly conduct when hotel security smelled marijuana coming from the rapper's room and reported it to police.

Now according to the Chicago Tribune, Chief Keef was arrested on Tuesday, May 29th, heading north at about 3:45 a.m. behind the wheel of a 2011 BMW X6 M, when he blew pass police on the Edens Expressway north of Chicago for driving 110 in a 55 mph speed zone.

He was pulled over with 3 other men in the car and cited for his excessive speed and for having too many passengers in the car. Keef has a driver's permit that allows only one passenger.