Today in Tha Wire, I seen this one coming. Chris Brown says no more Mr. Nice Guy, the gloves are off and he's tired of people making accusations against him to try an get a check. TMZ reports Breezy has a warning for anyone who makes false claims against him...he will be sue you.  And he's going to start with Liziane Gutierrez.

As previously reported Gutierrez filed a police report claiming the singer punched her in the eye at a private New Years party in Las Vegas.  According to TMZ the woman also made similar statements to others concerning the alleged incident.  However, witnesses say she's lying and Breezy's reps said the singer doesn't even know the her.

Word has it Chris is fed-up with being falsely accused of abuse.  This is actually the second time a groupie/party girl has tried to make false accusations like this.  But it will be the last.  Breezy is filing a defamation suit against Gutierrez today (January 8, 2016.) TMZ reports, sources close to Chris say he's also gonna tighten up the belt on his entourage and the get rid of the "hangers-on" who invite the "random chicks" to hang out.

Now that's a BIG BOY decision right there.  Probably save a lot of move that way too, so that's a win, win. TMZ reports Chris called Gutierrez a bitter woman, who lies when she doesn't get her way.  Speaking of which, so far she's refused to substantiate her claims with a single example.  To that Breezy says... that's proof she lied.

If it turns out she did, I hope he sues the breaks off her thirsty tail.  Keep you posted!  For the best in entertainment LISTEN LIVE to The Peoples Station 107 Jamz.  Tha Wire airs at 12:50 p.m. and 3:35 p.m. every weekday.

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