On Monday Dr. Dre was cuffed and searched by L.A. County Sheriff’s Deputies in front of his home in Malibu. According to AllHipHop, he can rest easy as the L.A. County District Attorney has rejected a citizen’s arrest against him for having a gun.

The famed producer, rapper and entrepreneur was pulling into his driveway when a motorist stopped in front of his home, and when Dre asked him to move, the driver hurled explicatives at him. As he pulled out his cellphone to record the ordeal, the man was yelling, and that’s when the driver allegedly said, “Here we go again, another black guy with a gun.”

Believe it or not, an unsuspecting person has come to Dr. Dre’s defense, his former NWA manager Jerry Heller told TMZ,

“As you know, professionally I am a big Dr. Dre fan. Personally I am not such a big Dr. Dre fan, but this was all bulls**t. I mean, what did he do? He was just trying to leave his house, the guy had his driveway blocked,” said Heller. He also went on to say, “Without knowing all the facts, It seems to me, like, it was a racial issue.”

It’s good to see that despite their personal issues, and a lawsuit against last years “Straight Out of Compton” film, Heller still has enough respect for Dr. Dre to come to his defense. Check out Heler’s full TMZ interview below and he completely sides with his former artist.

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