Just when thought there was hope, rapper DMX was arrested this morning (July 26th) for allegedly driving under the influence.According to TMZ, DMX, born Earl Simmons, was arrested after he was pulled over by highway patrol in South Carolina and taken to Greenville County Detention Center where the troubled rapper was charged with a DUI and released on bail approximately an hour after his arrest.

In February, Dark Man X was also arrested in South Carolina for driving without a license. After going before a judge he was freed, and later spoke with a local TV station about his arrest and told them, “No, I didn’t have a license... Put the cuffs on me... Brought me here. I paid the money. Basically, just five hours wasted for nothing.”

Let's hope X can get it together. No matter what he seems to get himself into, you can't help but to still want to see him clean his life up, especially for his children. Let's pray he can find peace within himself before he ends up back in jail for something far worse, again.

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