While I love watching the news, because there are so man different points of views. Of course some of it is bad and some of it is good. There is also news that may not necessarily come from the most reliable sources. Well CNN anchor Don Lemon recently got roasted by a coworker over the recent video of an officer mishandling a young female in school.

Here is the video of the incident that happened at a South Carolina school that has obviously gone viral. This is totally distasteful and this is not the way that we expect for our kids to be treated with it comes to those who we are suppose to respect.

Now check out the clash between the to anchors as they went back and forth over the incident. While I respect Don as a journalist, he is becoming one that I am starting to not respect as a person. Of course this is my opinion and it's not just based off of this situation. There have been other scenarios that he has been quick to judge on.

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