The national holiday celebrating the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is fastly approaching. In tribute, I would like to share a poem by retired educator Dr. Nancy B. Shepard.Dr. Nancy B. Shepard, is a retired educator in Lake Charles, La. and is a well known and greatly respected figure in our community.  She pretty much done it all from teaching dance, being a publisher author, performing concert poetess to being the owner and founder of film and production company.  Her accolades are countless and well documented.  Dr. Shepard is also a civil rights activist and lead the march on Louisiana's Capital to fight for the MLK school holiday.

Though Dr. Kings birthday was a national holiday and most jobs and business were closed in observance.  Children here in Calcasieu Parish and others across the state, still had to go to school.  Meaning they didn't get the opportunity to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther Kings birthday like everybody else.  There will be a part II to my interview with Dr. Shepard where she will explain in great detail how all of that went down.

In the meantime, here is Dr. Nancy B. Shepard with the poem inspired by her fight to change how Lake Charles and surrounding cities in Louisiana came to celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


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