In Florida it's been discovered that an 18 year old young man has been arrested for impersonating a doctor. Not just any doctor but a females specialist in the form of a Gynecologist illegally. This is not the first time however as he was arrested last year for impersonating a doctor as well. Check out the news story courtesy of West Palm Beach television channel WPTV where they touch on the story and more.

This is sad when it shows how easily someone can portray a doctor and how trusting these young ladies were. The fact that this young man was only eighteen years old is also something that is amazing. It shows that this has been on his mind for awhile to do something like this and I think you can surely say that he has messed up.

Ladies be very careful and gentlemen as well. This could have easily been anyone being fooled into believing that he was a real doctor. When you go to the doctors office, look for certificates, plaques and honestly drivers license. This is not something we want to happen again, but we live in a world of technology and it's safe to say that it very well could.