Who would've thought that after all these years, Ice Cube would really get his name on the famous Goodyear blimp?  Twenty years later, his lyrics have come true.

Photo by Jonathan Moore/Getty Images
Photo by Jonathan Moore/Getty Images

Back in 93’ Cube rapped on his classic ‘It Was a Good Day,’ “Even saw the lights of the Goodyear Blimp / And it read, ‘Ice Cube’s a pimp.’  Now his musical dream has become a reality.

The rapper/actor/director teamed up with an internet charity group to help children in need.  According to the Huffington Post the charity group went to Goodyear with the idea of raising money for an after-school center in L.A.  With that they added a special request of getting the famous blimp to put Cubes name on in it.  As it turns out the fundraising effort was a huge success and Ice Cube and the group raised $25,000 in donations.

Goodyear was impressed and obliged the request running “Ice Cube Says Today Is a Good Day” on its iconic blimp and even took the West Coast MC and kids from the charity for a ride.

The rap icon said of the experience, “I knew this song had legs when we did it, and it’s actually my most popular song.  I never knew that 20 years later, people would still be this interested in the song and the lyrics, and that the song would do something this special for some good kids.”

(Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images for BET)
(Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images for BET)

In other news, rapper Jeezy was arrested again for obstruction.  Details are a little sketchy, but according to TMZ police in Alpharetta, Ga., were responding to an alarm call at the house where Jeezy’s girlfriend lives.  When they arrived at the scene, the 36-year-old rapper allegedly started cussing and was being uncooperative.

A police source said when an officer asked Jeezy for some ID, he told them “F— you, I ain’t telling you,” and attempted to leave.

However that wasn't an option for the rapper at that time, so cops arrested Jeezy and charged him with obstruction of justice.  He was booked at Fulton County Jail and shortly afterwards released.

This is the second time this month that Jeezy has had a run-in with police.  Get more details about that below with Tha Wire.

Finally, Rick Ross  just purchased the biggest single family home in Georgia, a 109-room mansion that once belonged to boxer Evander Holyfield.  The jinormus 54,000 square foot crib sits on 235 acres and features a dining room that can seat 100 guests, a stable and a pool that holds 350,000 gallons of water, a bowling alley and movie theater.

So how much does it pay to be tha boss?   The actual amount Rozay paid isn't being disclosed, but he got a very good deal.  You'll never guess why.  Listen to Tha Wire below and get ALL of the details.

Meanwhile Meek Mill shared the “new crib is unreal!” on Instagram, with a photo of Ross coppin  a ‘Scarface’ pose on his massive staircase.

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