It what seems to be a bad week, Jim Jones was arrested.  Alarmingly, three times!  According to TMZ, he was kinda set up.  However, Jim's reps are saying not so fast, TMZ has got there facts twisted.

Tune into Tha Wire and find out what's happening with the Capo.  On top of that, Erykah Badu joins the ranks of Gwen Stefani and Mariah Carey.  Press play and find out what these three ladies have in common.

Meanwhile, The Dream is back with a new single, video and real soon, a new album before the end of the year.  As an added bonus, he's getting ready to hit the road.  And yes, there's at least one date close to home.  You know what to do, press play to get the scoop.

By the way, on top of being featured in one of the hottest T.V. shows out...The Voice.  Cee Lo Green is killing the game, winning Grammy's, a killer solo album and more.  As a matter of fact, he's working on dropping two more albums this year.  One of which, another solo but also a long a waited album with the Goodie Mob!  Believe it or not, that's not all.  He's got something HUGE planned for 2013.  Find out what it is now.

Press play now, for all of today's juicy details with Tha Wire: 


RCA is being sued over the music video of the mega hit by Elle Varner and J. Cole "I Only Wanna Give It To You".  Thanks to artwork that was featured in the music video of the song, RCA is in the middle of what's looking to be a expensive mistake.

A Brooklyn artist is behind to suit, her name is Maya Hayuk and she's suing the label for using her painting "Sunshine" in the video without her permission.  The lawsuit reads " This video includes numerous scenes that includes videographic reproductions of Hayuk's Sunshine.  Indeed, Hayuk's original artwork is featured prominently in the video and adds greatly to it's mise-en sce'ne.  Hayuk did not authorize the use of Sunshine in the video. Neither RCA nor Sony Approached Hayuk seeking such authorization."

That being said, according to the artists claims, RCA and Sony are illegally profiting off her work and she wants to get paid.  And paid she will.  She is seeking a preliminary order enjoining RCA and Sony from all further reproduction of the art, the impoundment and destruction of all copies of the video and an injunction preventing the video from being played.

However, until she wins or looses.  Here's the video!  Enjoy.....while you can.