This kinda stuff can't even be made-up.  Things continue to spiral out of control for the once celebrated comedian/actor Katt Williams.  For months he's been in the news for one crazy thing after the other.  He is really in trouble and I can only pray we don't hear he was found dead or something.  Whatever he's going through I hope he can gets the help he obviously needs.

DJ Akademiks on Twitter

What is going on with Katt Williams?  As you can see above the comedian was involved in a physical altercation with a kid named Luke.  Even crazier, HipHollywood reports that Luke is allegedly in the 7th grade.  This would make him 12 or 13 years old.  Right?  I'm not sure where the incident took place, but the embattled star appears to be on a school campus. Wherever he was sometime this week the comedian got into a confrontation with the youngster, sucker punched the kid and wound-up getting choked out, before bystanders broke things up.

The winded star told the kids surrounding him, “As a community, you all let a little broke n*gga do that to a celebrity?”  What Katt?  This is just unbelievable. this point someone is going to have to help this brotha.  First, what the hell is doing fighting a kid?  How did he end up in a situation where he gets in a stare down with a kid? What in Gods name possessed Katt to punch the kid in the face?  And finally, where were the adults, teachers or the child's parents?  I'm just like WTF?