Note to self...never take of picture of Katt Williams.  The comedian allegedly went ballistic on a fan who snapped a pic without permission.  Plus, get the highlights on Drake and the ESPY Awards.

Katt Williams-photo by Michael Buckner via Getty Images
Katt Williams-photo by Michael Buckner via Getty Images

Be warned, never take a picture of Katt Williams without permission, or he’s going upside your head.  The comedian/actor allegedly had a meltdown when a fan tried to take a picture of him recently.  According to TMZ Glen Jackson attempted to take a picture of Katt with his cell phone when their vehicles were side by side at LAX Tuesday (July 15).  That was apparently a very bad idea.  Jackson alleges the comedian came unglued and he and his bodyguard got out of their vehicle and tried to take his phone and then pepper sprayed him.

Find out what happened next inside Tha Wire below.  In the meantime, Inglewood police said Williams is under criminal investigation for assault with a deadly weapon in connection to an incident.  Speaking which, this is about the fourth issue Katt has had in the last few weeks.  His security tased a guy who kicked his car, he was involved in a road rage accident and pulled a gun on four people filming a documentary outside of The Comedy Store in West Hollywood on July 1st.

Finally, Drake really did his thing last night hosting the 2014 ESPYs Awards.  The Young Money MC poked fun not only at himself, a few of his fellow stars and through some shade at Macklemore over controversial wins at this year’s Grammy Awards.  Here's  a look at some of the main highlights from last nights show:

For more on the latest Katt Williams drama, listen to Tha Wire now.

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