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I have heard of people falling on hard times and believe me we have all had a few setbacks over the past 8 months. However, this one here is something that I can't say that I would see in my headlines. A Lake Charles man has been arrested for stealing of all things a Catalytic Converter from a pick up truck that was parked at a boat launch on Nelson Road.

While I never want to talk ill of anyone regardless of what you do. This guy here didn't truly think out his plan or was trying to carry more than he could handle. Robert J Northrop 7950 Clearview Drive, not only got stole the piece of equipment from the car. He left a cell phone behind in his getaway or lack thereof.

He stole the Catalytic Converter and actually sold to someone in Sulphur. Well Robert has been booked and charged with theft and simple criminal damage to property. Guy lets all say it together, leave peoples stuff alone. There is no word on whether there is a  bond set, but I am sure that Mr. Northrop is going to have a little time to think about what he did and the outcome. Come on people, we have to make good decisions and it won't be from taking from someone else.


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