When I was younger I used to be in awe of the blue, red and white lights that I would see rolling the streets of Meridian back in the day. I have to admit while I was intrigued of where they were going or how it felt to ride in a car, I never had a desire for law enforcement.


Lately there have been alot of skids on the lines of Policemen in the world. While we haven't had many known issues in the area. Across the globe, some of the citizens are losing more and more faith in them because of the recent violent alteracations that we see. One thing I love about the guys and ladies here in Lake Charles is these are folks that I see every now and then and they believe in keeping our city safe.


Well if you want to be apart of the solution and not the problem, then the LCPD is recruiting on Saturday January 9th, and they are looking for highly qualified and motivated applicants for the position of Police Officer. The event is going down at the Lake Charles Civic Center Expo Hall and will begin at 8 am promptly. All potential applicants must be a US Citizen over the age of 21, possess a high school diploma or GED and have an unblemished criminal history.


If you want to take the leap of faith, then contact Cpl. Larry Moss at 337-491-1311 or email him directly at lmoss@cityoflc.us. I personally think that this is a great thing and I know there are plenty of good folks out there who want to bring about a positive change to our area.

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