This is a truly troubling story coming out of Alabama. A man by the name of Ray Hinton spent 30 years behind bars for a crime that he didn't commit. This is crazy since they really had no proof, but since the guy had done some petty crimes earlier, the arrested him. Apparently they were pressured to find the guy who committed two murders and wounded another person. While those folks lost their lives, this man has spent a good majority of his behind bars.

This story is just sad, the only light at the end of the road is the fact that he had a really loyal friend who was there til the end. He basically promised to be there and to hold him down and he did. He held him a place to stay and I am sure he has done other things to try to set up his friend. One truly tragic thing is that he lost his mother while he was in jail, who believed that he was innocent until her death. Check out the clip from 60 minutes.


60 Minutes Interviews Ray Hinton who was held thirty years for falsely accused crime:

Of course things back then are not like they are now. I know that they didn't have the tools or resources that they have now, but there should have been some better things that could have been done to work out for those who were done unjustly. I truly hope that he gets what he deserves and that is some financial backing to at least be able to live comfortably in the world. There are truly to many men and ladies in the justice system who are not getting what is rightfully theres and is merely accused on false accusations without finding out the real.

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