I thought I've heard it all, but obviously I haven't.  A North Carolina man sued his beautiful wife for being ugly.  

Man sues woman for being ugly-youtube

Yes, I said beautiful because she is, well at least now.  Story goes, the couple was happily married until they had their first child.  Apparently that child was so ugly Jain Feng, the husband, thought his wife had cheated on him.  The poor little baby is apparently so ugly that it doesn't look like neither one of them.  The good news, his wife didn't cheat and the child is his.  The bad news, Mr. Feng can't deal with the ugliness and he felt he should be paid for the tress and pain of it all.

Turns out his gorgeous Asian wife had some extensive plastic surgery and dramatically altered her appearance.  How much?  A whopping $100,000 worth to be exact.  So much for "till death, do us part".  How bout "If your ugly, we gone part."  Unbelievably enough, the loving husband actually divorced his wife and then turned around and sued her for marrying him under false pretenses. Mr. Feng told the judge he was tricked!  Even more unbelievable, the judge agreed and granted him a judgement in the amount of $120,000.00.

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