Master P’s divorce from his estranged wife continues to get uglier. Sonya Miller is claiming physical and verbal abuse at the hands of the No Limit Records head honcho, and claims he’s trying to turn their kids against her.

According to TMZ, Miller got a temporary restarting order against P in October. A hearing was scheduled for Tuesday to make it a permanent order. No word yet if the order went through.

TMZ also said that court documents state Miller’s claim that Master P has "brainwashed the kids into going against there mother, and that he’s used his money and power to influence them." Miller even detailed an incident where she claims Master P "allegedly hit her in the face and dragged her across the floor.” The incident reportedly landed her in the hospital.

Master P is required to stay 100 yards from his estranged wife. But had this to say:

"I will pray for my ex. This is a sad day for our family, but we will get past this. After 5 years, all her attorneys can come up with are false accusations."
P added, "I wish I had Cookie off the TV show [Empire] ... my ex wife is just Cookie Monster."

We’ll keep you posted as more develops with this story.

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