Today in Tha Wire, as previously reported by Page Six, rap superstar Offset was arrested last Friday (July 20, 2018) afternoon near Atlanta. The Migos rapper was driving a 2014 Porche 911 Carerra at the time of the stop. The arresting officer said he was being pulled over due to an illegal lane change, then claimed to smell weed coming from the vehicle. The car was searched and police discovered three guns, less than an ounce of weed, and a little more than $107,000 in cash. Offset, whose real name is, Kiari Kendrell Cephus, was arrested and then released after posting the $17,000 bond.

In an update on the case, HotNewHipHop reports the rappers legal team has found an issue with how the whole stop went down. Police reported that they smelled weed,  after pulling the rapper over for "failure to maintain lane." That would suggest they felt the rapper was driving under the influence. The Migos stars biggest issue is being a convicted felon, and being caught with a firearm. In the meantime, his legal time is working on proving the stop was bogus.

According to reports, sources at the Clayton County Police Department confirmed driving under the influence carries a much heavier charge. A field sobriety test is not only a standard practice for police, but it also aids in proving the driver had a lack of control of their vehicle in court. So basically Offsets attorney, Drew Findling, wants to know why his client wasn't given the test. He questioning whether the arresting officer was making a valid stop. Adding he thinks the motive was to search the rappers car all along.

As mentioned above, the rap star will have some real problems if the gun charges stick. Rolling Stone reports Offset is still on probation stemming from a 2015 incident. All three Migos members caught felony charges following a concert at Georgia Southern University. At the time the rap group was in the middle of set at Spring Bling, when the stage manager told the DJ to stop the music. Police arrived on the scene, and was shutting the concert down. Almost immediately police questioned the group and their entourage. Next thing, all three were being hauled off to jail. A police report later noted the rappers had racked up a ton of drug charges to include, felony possession of cocaine, Oxycontin and codeine. In addition to carrying a loaded weapon in a school zone.

It's a mess. As always I'll keep you posted with any new developments. Of course this couldn't have come at a worse time. Cardi and Offset just welcomed a baby girl into the world, and now their families future is uncertain. For the latest in entertainment news, get the daily scope with Tha Wire on The People's Station 107 Jamz.

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