Fans of the show Orange Is the New Black were forced to clear their schedules and shirk all responsibility yesterday (June 11) when Season 3 arrived on Netflix a day ahead of schedule.

Anyone familiar with the prison dramedy knows that the only way to watch it is all at once. Binge-watching was invented for a show like Orange Is the New Black, with its nuanced storytelling and dutiful character development. Its cliff-hanger nature makes the immediate accessibility of each full season a dangerous one -- you might need to be up for work in four hours, but one more episode can't hurt, can it? And though the season hasn't been online for a full 24-hours yet, everybody's already talking about newcomer Ruby Rose.

Playing the role of Stella Carlin on the show, Rose is still in disbelief that she's part of such a huge hit so early on in her career. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly she said, "I didn’t think I would come here and end up. My first big job is maybe, arguably, one of the biggest television shows around at the moment with some of the best actors of our time.”

Considering the popularity of the show, Rose is, understandably, nervous. But it's a fear that extends to acting, in general. She said, "Acting is the one thing that scares me s—less. I could live my whole life being so comfortable doing things I’ve already worked hard to not be nervous at or I could continue to push the envelope and make myself uncomfortable and learn and see what I’m capable of and acting is definitely that.”

Check out the trailer for Season 3 of Orange Is the New Black above, and head over to Netflix to watch the new season in its entirety.

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