A driver in Mexico was stopped at a routine alcohol checkpoint in Mexico City on suspicion of drunk driving, and his pet bird dropped the dime on him. Seriously…  

According to reports, after a parakeet inside the mans vehicle chirped, "He's drunk, he's drunk," 49-year-old Guillermo Reyes was given a sobriety test just to be on the safe side, and guess what? He failed… When the Animal Surveillance Brigade came to take the bird away, they discovered the bird and its owner were so close that there was concern the bird would die if separated from Reyes, so cops just locked them up together, and they were both held overnight. Funny right?

It's one thing to get snitched out by a person, but by a bird? That's humiliating and hilarious. That's sad when your bird has more common sense than you do in regards to drinking and driving. He was saved by the bird!


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