This story is about a year old, but you can only imagine my reaction when I saw this story. My mother is a faithful member of her church and has been for a few years now. Prior to that she was a long standing member of another church for well over 20 years until the pastor passed and the church folded. I wouldn't know what to do if I was told that I could not send my mother on to her resting place and have her church not officiate the services because she hasn't been there in two years.


While there are two sides to the story, something about this doesn't set well with me. If the mother has been sick for awhile then she wasn't able to attend church. This should not stop the church for wanting to have her homegoing services at her church that she's been a member of her entire life. Check out this story and please let me know what your thoughts are.


It is truly sad and I do believe this could be the reason why there are so many issues when it comes to church and peoples relationships with the church. When you love your family dearly, you obviously want the best for them and seeing them suffer is not an option at all. Also seeing them mistreated or disrespected deceased or alive is not going tro be tolerated. Let's just hope that things like this won't happen again. The church is suppose to be the most sacred and loved place that you can visit. When things like this happen, there are red flags that pop up.


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