Lake Charles was lit over the weekend with one of the biggest hip hop events that hit the area. It all went down inside The Burton Coliseum. I have been here since 2001 and this is the first time that I can remember a hip hop show inside the Burton Coliseum and it turned out to be pretty big.


There was plenty of great talent in the building with Beelou and Justin Money from Lake Charles with ESG, Juvenile and Lil Boosie live in concert. If you missed out on this show then you truly missed a treat. There were folks coming in from all over and the fans in attendance really enjoyed themselves and were having a party. You can check out the recap of some of the night with photos that were shot by Ashley Turner a.k.a Ash- Lo who did a very good job getting some great shots. Check them out below.


Big Shouts out to Southern Touch Entertainment with Donald Thomas and my man Gerard Williams who really put on for the city. Also a big shout out to Chuck Slugg who hosted like the best of them. I am hearing there are bigger things on the way and of course we will keep you in the loop on what's next.