Pharrell Williams is fighting back against over the "I AM" brand. The producer has filed a counterclaim insisting that his use of "I am OTHER" for his brand, doesn't infringe on anything related to or any of his projects.

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As we previously reported, Will sent Pharrell a cease-and-desist letter informing the Neptunes producer that his “I am OTHER”, infringes on his brand.  On top of that the Peas front man claims he owns the rights to anything “I AM”.  However, Pharrell isn't one to lying down and has filed some papers of his own....a Counterclaim.  According to TMZ, Pharrell says Will is using “” like a nursery rhyme and contends that his use of "I am OTHER" means “I am something else,” which leaves the “else” up to the consumer’s imagination.

It's starting to get nasty.  Find out more below with Tha Wire.

In other news, you got to wonder what some stars are thinking.  For example, jumping over an audience and landing on people, pushing a woman out of a moving vehicle, to hitting fans with microphones.  They end-up getting sued every time

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and you would think they would try and use some self-control, knowing that they have a lot to loose.  Speaking of which, check this video out.  It shows A$AP Rocky slapping an adoring fan in the face.

If an artist doesn't want to be touched, they shouldn't put themselves in a position to be touched.  What do you think?  Was Rocky out of line?  Or did the woman get what she deserved?

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Finally, at 48-years old Marion "Suge" Knight is working on serving the rest of his life in prison and is once again on the wrong side of the law. Now the former Death Row CEO has two warrants over a pair of driving mishaps.  TMZ is reporting Cali authorities served Knight with a couple of bench warrants — each at $20,000 — for skipping out on tickets for being caught driving on a suspended license, in 2011 and 2012. Hearings on both cases were held this month.

Suge Knights days of glory are long gone as the Compton native has experienced a myriad of unfortunate incidents. Get more details now.  Press play to get all of today's juicy details.