Today in Tha Wire this isn't going to be a good holiday for NFL super star, Reggie Bush.  If the latest reports are accurate, the pro-baller is about to become a daddy for the 3rd time. Problem is the new baby isn't by his wife, Lilit.  Apparently his side-chick is pregnant and due in three months, but she's also married!  Story goes Bush was kickin it with NBA legend, Alonzo Mourning's ex-lover, a cocktail waitress named, Monique Exposito. Listen how the Breakfast Club crew breaks it down in the video below:

The 34-year old was said to have been Mourning's other woman for roughly four years. The former Heat star supposedly showered her with lavish gifts and made sure she was always front and center at all his games through the duration of their relationship.  In spite of that, she wanted more.  Sources say Mourning's mistress did everything she could to get pregnant for the basketball great, even undergoing fertility treatments to boost her chances, but it didn't work.

Looks like she found another victim to run her pregnancy scheme on and this time it paid off....LITERALLY  Like a well executed trick play, Exposito, played the Bills running back like a duck.  A few months ago she allegedly agreed to have an abortion in exchange for $3 million in hush money, only to keep the money and the baby.  Now the mother of one is, six months pregnant and reportedly planning a super fabulous baby shower.  In addition to the big celebration, Exposito is shopping for some waterfront property in Miami to make sure her new baby can be close to dad.

Awe....isn't that sweet?  By the way, Reggie's wife Lilit was allegedly aware he got the waitress pregnant and knew about the pay-off as well.  Wonder what she thinks now.... What a mess.  Games people play.

Keep you posted on this one.  In the meantime listen-up for the latest in entertainment every weekday, twice a day, with Tha Wire and only on The Peoples Station 107 Jamz.

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