It was 50 Years ago before myself and many of you, where one of the most prolific and uplifting men really made a change on this day. This would be the day of the wonderful and motivating march in Washington and the powerful speech for I Have A Dream. Regardless of whether you were there or not, when you watch this. You can't help but to feel every word that is being said. Take a few minutes and pull the kids together and let's remember this man who we should all strive to be like.. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr!


Watch The "I Have A Dream" Speech:

Kudos to Dr. King for helping give our parents, grand parents and all of us something to strive for and look forward to. It was this speech that made many of us believe that we could have an African American President and could have a better life then some of our peers. Happy "I Have A Dream" to all of you.