Saying we've had a few changes throughout the school year is an understatement. The kids in Louisiana have had their graduations, proms, homecomings, and first days of school memories snatched from under them. COVID-19 is a major reason, and of course, the recent double punch of hurricanes is the other.

Like myself, many parents have no idea what's what. Planning out the remainder of the school year has been in limbo because our kids have had to start and stop school several times now. All things considered, the Calcasieu Parish School Board (CPSB) has had their work cut out for them trying to pin down parish-wide dates for the remainder of this school year and the beginning of the the next.

The good news is, after several revisions, they were able to put out a revised calendar last month. However, with the holidays and everything else going on, a lot of parents missed the news, so here you go: the revised 2020-2021 CPSB Calendar.

New Approved 2020-2021 Calcasieu Parish School Calendar
2020-2021 Calcasieu Parish School Calendar
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