So if you are rolling in to Lake Charles by way of I-10 and you are a big truck driver A.K.A 18 Wheeler, you may want to be on the lookout for the detour signs on the wayThere have been alot of traffic backed up in front of our radio station at 900 North Lakeshore Drive as the overpass bridge is down to one lane. I have to admit, I have not seen it this bad in years and it doesn't seem to be looking any better. Unfortunately for 18- Wheelers, its even worse, there are several detour signs on the interstate as the drivers are being warned from crossing the bridge as they are working very hard to get it back to the traveling state it should be. There are some however who have not taken heed to the warning signs and well you can check it out as one state trooper was busy on this day!




























I guess you can say that they were pretty busy, again if you or someone you know is a truck driver and travels these roads frequently, tell them to be on the lookout as tickets are being handed out like free water!!