On yesterday I had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with a positive spirit by the name of B-Down. He hails from the great state of Mississippi, in a town called Natchez. This city has plenty of history and knowledge and you should really do your research on the place where many greats hail from.

B-Down came by to bring me a copy of his latest work called "A Long Time Coming". We talked about the shortage of outlets of getting his music out and we also discussed his plans of getting his music to the masses.

He's released three albums and also dropped a few videos as well. Check out some of his works below.

B- Down- "Real OG":


B- Down- "Guilty By Association":

Be on the lookout for more things to come from B-Down and of course the new year is going to be full of surprises. Thanks for coming by to hang out with me and keeping that Mississippi hip hop alive.


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