This was a big year for singer Tamar Braxton and her husband Vincent Herbert as the happy couple welcomed their first child June 6th.  Though the Braxton Family Values star is enjoying motherhood, she reveals she didn't always feel that way.

Tamar Braxton and her sisters revealed to the world, that she and her husband Vincent Herbert were expecting earlier this year on Good Morning America.  June 6th their beautiful bundle of joy was born.  Now, that their son Logan is eight weeks old and the new parents are emerging back into the spotlight with new photos of their new baby and a confession.

While most mothers experience overwhelming joy with the birth of child, Tamar admitted during an interview with ‘Good Morning America., at first, she didn't feel that way.  Tay Tay revealed that she felt disconnected to her son Logan.   While it's not that common for a mother to admit this unthinkable truth, it is a common emotion for some moms after child birth.  There are several reasons why this occurs and recently Tamar opened up about her experience and how she dealt with it.

After Logan was born, Tamar revealed that she had a hard time getting her son to breast-feed and because of that, the stress of it caused her to have mixed emotions.  Tamar told Good Morning America, “I guess in a sense I did feel unattached because you know, I really, really wanted to connect with him because I wanted to breast-feed.  And when he didn't latch on and when I couldn't produce milk I just felt like, ‘Is this the wrong child?’ You know what I mean? ‘Am I the wrong mother?’”

It's all good now and Tamar is enjoying motherhood to the fullest.  Catch more photos and more details about her "new mommy" struggles in the new issue of 'Us Weekly.’