Believe it or not, the Ku Klux Klan is trying to recruit members right here in Lake Charles.  KPLC reports they've received countless reports from concerned residents throughout the community.

(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)
(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Several citizens have complained they found Ziploc bags weighed down by rocks with recruitment flyers inside saying, 'Join Our Klan’, 'Save Our Land' and ‘Our Race is Our Nation’.

For the most part residents who've received the flyers have expressed shock and anger that the organization is in the city.  The police have been notified by concerned citizens and say they will be doing extra patrolling to catch the anyone throwing the flyers in peoples yards. However, theirs not much they can do because they haven't broken any laws.  Yet.

The fact is the Klan is entitled to freedom of speech.  Even though that speech is aimed at promoting racism, spreading hate and division.  As long as they don't break the law, authorities can't do anything but cite them for littering for now.  Police say they are keeping a watchful eye on the situation and if the Klan is caught threatening anyone, personally soliciting people, etc. it will be a different story.  For now, police are encouraging anyone that sees people passing out flyers to give them a call.

Area citizens are concerned that this will escalate.  University Place resident Joe Bowers and his wife told KPLC they're worried, “That they would take it beyond flyers and go back to some of their old ways.”  The Bowers said they didn't contact police, but they have reached out to neighbors and friends and warned them of the situation.  Mr. Bowers added, “I think we'll be watchful. We keep security cameras going around our house so we'll certainly keep an eye for any other activity.”

According to KPLC the Klan is targeting citizens in South Lake Charles.  Some of the neighborhoods effected are Oaks of Heyd Park, the Sale Road area and University Place. By the way, Lake Charles isn't the only city in Louisiana the Klan has visited.  Residents in Eunice say they also woke-up to the homemade flyers on their lawns.

Deputy chief of the Eunice police department, Varden Guillory, says two men from North Carolina were questioned in late March after residents called the police.  Chief Guillory said  “When we were called we found them throwing materials out of the window of a truck onto people’s lawns. They also placed flyers under the windshield wipers of people’s cars at the local Walmart and hospital.” he continued, “They were not in violation of any laws."

A spokesperson for the FBI says the agency is investigating, adding “We cannot comment specifically about this incident, but what I can tell you is that we will not be seeking any charges. Our investigation remains active and we have been notified of all details.”


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