It's that time again for us to spread love for the Thanksgiving holiday. This is one of those times where the entire family gets together around the table and eat until your heart is contest. Or til you can't fit into your jeans anymore. Also this time of the year The Steve and Marjorie Harvey foundation show love to all of the cities who have the Steve Harvey Morning Show in their area.


Be on the lookout as we will be on the move on Tuesday November 24th hitting various places in the city and going around to hand out a token of love with free Thanksgiving Turkeys. It's a once in a year event and we are all about spreading love to our listeners in the city. Also Big Boy Chill will be posted up in various areas around the city giving you a chance to come and pick up a turkey. Now keep in mind that there will only be one turkey given away per vehicle as we want to spread as much around as we can.


There are so many families out there who are a little less fortunate and if we could feed everyone in the city with a full meal. I know that we would give it a try. But at least we get the chance to give a little love back and beginning Tuesday morning on November 24th, be on the watch for the 107 Jamz Street Cruiser and your chance to get a free Turkey from Walmart, The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation and The Peoples Station 107 Jamz.