Thanks to the monsoon yesterday, 107 Jamz has been off the air.  As it turns out, our Transmitter was under water along with a great bit of Lacassine.  

One of the main roads to the transmitter

If your wondering why 107 Jamz is still off the air, our transmitter in Lacassine was flooded along with most everything else out that way, including cars and homes, barns etc.  The pics you see where taken by two of our engineers.  When we went off the air and we couldn't start the transmitter by remote, they drove out to our tower in Lacassine and this is what they found.

Another shot of main road to transmitter

This photo is on the main road to the 107 Jamz tower and transmitter.  Our transmitter could be seen way off to the right, but it was a few miles down this road. The truck you see taking a chance in the high flood water, was a local resident.  Not sure if he made it where he was going either.  The water was estimated to be at least 3 to 4 feet deep.

Our engineers didn't want to take a chance on flooding their vehicle out, so they tried another road.  However, it was just as flooded as the first.  They drove back out to the sight, just before night fall and still could't get to the transmitter.

The other road to the transmitter

So all they could do was wait till the water went down.  As I speak our engineers are working to get to the site and get us up and running again.  Worst case, we stay down til tomorrow or Monday, at which time a back-up will be put in place, a new one will be ordered and put on rush delivery.  Best case, they bring us up within a few hours.

In the meantime, you can still "listen live" online at  If you don't have our FREE "Radio Pup" app, be sure to download it. and listen on your smart phones or tablets.


Trust that we will keep you informed every step of the way.  This is the second time in a couple of weeks our stations have been effected by Mother Nature.  A few weeks back, our satellites took a direct hit and were struck by lighting. This caused major issues with all six of our stations.  We had round the clock engineers, satellite, tower, AC, phone, electricians and technicians in the building replacing just about everything.   The Good news.....everything was insured and replaced. The bad news.... we sounded horrible till all the new equipment was installed.

Engineer installing new wiring
Lead engineer Norm installing our new board will Jason installs even more wires
New mic processors
new phone system going in
out with the ould in with the new
Jason, wraps up two weeks of equipment installation

There were two other engineers in the background, who also assisted in putting us back together.  To ALL of you...thank you once again.  Poor Jason, little did he know, after weeks of equipment installations we'd be looking at another Mother Nature disaster.