If you have been trying to get an "All Is Well" cross from Signatures Salon, please be aware that Sunday, May 3 is your last opportunity. The local cross giveaway, I'm sorry to say, is getting ready to come to an end. The Grand Finale Cross Giveaway will be Sunday at 2:00pm at Signatures Salon, located at 803 W. McNeese Street.

Just wanna send a major shout-out to Wendell & Darlene White, their family, and their friends for doing God's work and bringing us all together.

Thank you all!

If you're curious as to how this huge act of love and kindness got started, here's some background on how it all began, per the Signatures Salon/ALL is WELL Facebook page

(Tuesday April 27, 2020)
All is WELL was started by Wendell & Darlene White making complimentary crosses to give out to the community to share the good news of Jesus.
The crosses initially said ‘Jesus is Lord’ which is absolutely true. Right before any of the coronavirus Wendell recommended to change the message to say ‘ALL is WELL’.
The stencils were in for about a month before they announced the virus. We decided to start making the new crosses with the words ‘ALL is WELL’.
The first day we put out about 125 crosses and they were gone in about 24 hours. We posted we would have more the next day and we then put out about 250 more, they were gone in 5 hours. The next day we brought 350 crosses and they were gone in 30 minutes.
Our local news decided to make a story and so did our local newspaper.
It has been so heart warming so we decided to start this page to provide daily encouragement since we see the need is so great. Our family and friends have decided to join us in bringing you daily inspiration.

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