Trae the Truth is just what he name says. He is the truth and has been since the beginning of his rap career. He founded The Relief Gang, which is a community based group who sets out to assist and help those in need. This past weekend, Trae The Truth brought The Relief Gang to Lake Charles to help us after battling Hurricane Laura.

Trae The Truth and his partner in crime, Houston radio personality DJ Mr. Rogers, came through and helped to remove and cut trees and also brought supplies to help in Lake Charles which was truly appreciated. Trae has shown that he is more than just talk when it comes down to helping others, and I truly hope he receives everything he is supposed to get and more.

Thank you, Trae and The Relief Gang, for all that you have done to help us out as we most definitely needed it. Make sure you support Trae in his future endeavors, including the music.

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