My friend Skeeta Skeet post about his daughter everyday. About his struggle with court to be in her life. One of his pictures went viral that he took with gifts he's bought her for Christmas and her birthday. He don't have their address so he took the gifts to court with him. Thanks to the power of social media. Lawyers contacted him to help with his case and he was finally able to see his daughter for the first time in 2 years. This was his message to her. Warmed my soul. Fight for your kids fathers. Do whatever it takes. Kids need their fathers. Especially our little girls. — Supa_Cent via WSHH.

Social media star Supa Cent, posted the caption above in regards to a friend who had not been allowed to see his daughter for two years. The young man’s heartwarming video went viral after he was able to finally see his baby girl.

Supa who hails from New Orleans, La., is pretty popular online for her sometimes brutally honest advice, real life stories, and seemingly all around charming personality. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter. Be aware, she’s pretty real when it comes to the words that come out of her mouth. Her videos are sometimes NSFW.