While I am not originally from the great city of Lake Charles. This is home to me. I remember moving here in 2001 from Tuscaloosa, Alabama with my wife and son who was 3 years old at the time. He started and will be finishing school here before heading off to college. But being in the business of radio, there are plenty of ideas and people that I come across who try to do things in our city.


There have been talks of a Hooters restaurant, a beach front amusement park and so many other great activities that would keep money here in our city. While I have been to Galveston on several occasions to Schlitterbahn waterpark and Moody Gardens. You have to wonder what if some of those attractions were here. We have plenty of entertainment for the cajun and zydeco audience, but we fall short on stage plays and big name concerts in the area.

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Alot of it can be because word of mouth travels. We have had promoter's bring events to the city and with Lake Charles being a slow ticket selling market. The promoters get anxious and sometimes paranoid at the money they could possibly lose. This usually leads to them spreading the word to other potential promoters wanting to come here to do shows. There are minimal activities for our kids to be involved in and this unfortunately leads to issues in the community and possible harassment as well. While I am merely just one person and not one of the major decision makers. You would think that the powers that be would want the city to grow. This would bring more visitors to our city, allow business to really boom and make Lake Charles not just a resting area or mark on a map as a city to pass through. Let me know what you would like to see in our area and what type of moves do you feel need to be made in order for our city to grow.

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