I saw this video and regardless of how hard you may be, there is no way that you can watch this video and not feel some emotions. While there is no description of how long this couple has been married, this young man is deaf. Now that really has nothing to do with anything, besides the fact that his wife communicated with him to inform him that they were expecting.

You can see the excitement in this man at opening up his gifts for Christmas, and I have been there as well. You get to box after box or clue after clue and you are still lost. When he finally realized what the present was, the look on his face was priceless. This is truly a Christmas gift that most couples love to get and this video is going to be one that they will be able to share with this child for years to come and they have officially gone viral.


Mom informs husband that he is about to be a father:

Although Christmas is over, there is nothing like getting what you want for Christmas. But to get something that you may not be expecting is something that is on a level all by itself. Congratulations to this couple and I hope many more to come.

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