Promotional Portrait Of The Temptations
Getty Images

The Temptations, mid 1960's. From left, Melvin Franklin (1942 - 1995), Paul Williams (1939 - 1973), Eddie Kendricks (1939 - 1992), David Ruffin (1941 - 1991), and Otis Williams.

Hall of Famer, catcher/ left fielder/coach Elston Gene Howard was born in St. Louis, Missouri on this day. Howard made history on more than one occasion starting with being the first African American on the roster of the NY Yankees in 1955.  The baseball great became the highest paid player in history after signing a $70,000 contract with the Yankees 1965.  He would also be the first Black player in the American League to be honored with the MVP.

Former Detroit mayor, Louis Stokes, and member of the US House of Representatives, was born in Cleveland, Ohio on this day. Stokes was the first African American congressman elected to the House from Ohio in 1992.

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