It was 1992 and on television I saw a video that would have me mind blown for years to come. It was the footage of a black man by the name of Rodney King. This has officially be declared the first viral video of Police abuse on people. The years have obviously passed and today we are still dealing with the same problem. While this is the perfect way to catch those who tend to think they are above the law. Many folks are skeptical about what their rights are as far as filming cops on the streets.

Well I have a video for you here that should address some of the questions that you may have and need answers to. There is no way we should have to tolerate abuse of any form, especially from those who are suppose to protect us and make us feel safe. Check out the footage below and you should be well informed on the do's and don'ts of filming Police Officers in public.

You Have rights when it comes to filming Police Officers on the street:

While the evidence has been laid out, I am willing to bet you that there will be some who will push the envelope and if you don't know your rights then you will fall victim to them. There should never be abuse from police officers. I remember as a young child, my mom would always tell me that if I get lost, find a Policemen. And while all officers of the law are not bad people, it makes you wonder what happened. Please share your thoughts on this matter and let me know what you think.

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