Katt Williams is once again in the news, as the troubled comedian was arrested on Sunday morning (July 24), for allegedly attacking a female restaurant employee in Sherman Oaks, California. The woman claims that Williams attacked and punched her, according to TMZ.

According to law enforcement sources, the woman displayed visible, but minor injuries, and Williams was then arrested for misdemeanor battery. He is currently in custody with bail set at $20,000.

Back in April, Katt was arrested after a fight with servers at an Atlanta seafood restaurant, where he was hit with charges, making it his fourth arrest in just six weeks. Earlier in the year Williams allegedly punched a pool store clerk for using the n-word, not to mention his run in with a teenager in Gainesville, Georgia that landed them both in jail after the teen put the comedian in a sleeper hold, and an alleged assault on his bodyguard.

Katt is still set to stand trial for a felony count of robbery for allegedly stealing a photographer’s camera while out with Suge Knight in Beverly Hills, California in 2014.

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