After the year we've had, it is great to share some good news for the residents of our city. We are a city full of champions, and this Tuesday, we will all have a chance to come out and honor the students who weathered the storm and brought the gold home.

We are now proclaiming Lake Charles as the Championship City, as we have 11 State Championship teams residing right here in our wonderful city. That includes Barbe, St. Louis, Lagrange, and Lake Charles Charter. The celebration is not only for students, faculty, and parents, but also the entire city is welcome to come out and support these young men and women who remained resilient through the entire year we have had.

The event will be held this Tuesday June 22 at the Nordan Alumni Pavillion on Common and Mcneese beginning at 6:00pm. Zydeco artist and former mayor runner-up, Sean Ardoin, spearheaded this event along with Lake Charles Toyota and many other great sponsors.

Check out the formal announcement given by Sean Ardoin.

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