Make sure you are listening up all this week. We will be giving you a chance to win tickets to check out the pre thanksgiving event going down at The Heist. This is going to be a party like no other and you can believe you want to be in the building.

The pre party inside The Heist will be going on this Friday November 20th with things kicking off at 9 pm. Also this Saturday get ready for J Paul Jr and The Zydeco Nu Breeds live inside the KPC Hall. We will be giving you a chance to score tickets to check out the show that is going to have the entire city on ten.


Listen for your cue to call and score tickets for two. It all starts this Monday with Gina Cook and goes all day with Erik Tee and Big Boy Chill. Make sure you get out and support the events going down this weekend so you won't be sitting around the house doing nothing.

J Paul Jr and Zydeco Nu Breeds- "Right Now":