Prien Lake Park in Lake Charles recently got some pretty cool additions.  Next time your at the park walking or jogging, try out the new outdoor fitness stations.

Fitness Stations - Getty Images
Fitness Stations - Getty Images

Here's another reason to take your workout regimen outside.  The Calcasieu Parish Police Jury installed brand new, high quality fitness stations along the walk way at Prien Lake Park.  Residents are invited to try out the new equipment and add a variety of exercises to get a total body workout.

Each fitness stop features a different exercise that will allow you to isolate different parts of the body. Residents can now exercise from head to toe from arms, to shoulders, legs and the back.  Add a variety of carido or stretch exercises to your morning or evening jog as well.  Each fitness station comes with instructions on how to use the equipment properly and get the most out of the exercise too.

Park superintendent Lacie Carter is proud of the new park additions and said,

>We want to make exercising fun and enjoyable for our community. People already enjoy being outdoors and the views of nature and open spaces. By providing new and innovative outdoor fitness equipment to the area, we hope to help our community work towards healthier living and sustainability. The numerous stations feature high quality equipment that will allow you to combine your cardio workout on the walking path with a complete body workout on each individual piece of equipment.”

Kane Webb, Facility Management Director, addeed,

“The Police Jury is continually looking for new ways to improve upon the services our parks and facilities already offer. The addition of this equipment will provide our park enthusiasts of all fitness levels, beginners to experts, a new experience when visiting Prien Lake Park.”

Get out and move everybody!

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