The heat wave is here and staying hydrated is important so we don't get dehydrated, overheated and start to feeling weak. Your body uses water to maintain your temperature, remove waste and lubricate your bodies joints.  Water makes up more than half or your body weight.   

Your body naturally loses water from perspiration, so it's important that you replace it.  You lose water even faster, when the weather is really hot and participating in some type of physical activity.  Drinking sodas or juice is not good enough.  

If you've ever been over heated and drank something other than water, you may have noticed you couldn't drink enough to quench your thirst.  That's because there is no substitute for water.  So keep that water bottle in hand and stay replenished!
Shatonia McCarty
Shatonia McCarty

Don't forget about your pets.  They can get dehydrated too, so make sure they have access to plenty of clean water to drink.  Your pet can get sunburned or die of heatstroke just like you, so be sure to provide them with a dog house or shaded area to get out of the sun.

Beat the heat with good ol H2'O, your body will thank you for it.

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