If your having problems getting the weight off or with your diet, today I wanna challenge you to start over.  Yes, start over.  There is nothing wrong with pressing the reset button. Sometimes we have to change our approach when something we are trying to accomplish isn't working out.

Focus on one goal at a time.  Don't overwhelm yourself by putting to much pressure on yourself to lose weight.  The stress alone can cause you to fall off the wagon and even gain weight.  Many times when trying to lose the pounds we either workout to much and don't change what we eat, or change what we eat and don't exercise at all.

Sharmita Rideau
Sharmita Rideau, certified Fitness Instructor and Program Director of the K.I.S.S. Project

Regroup and reset your focus.  Try doing one thing at a time, like eating right.  This is what you call finding your healthy.  Eating the right things at the right time will make you feel better and certainly will promote weight loss.  Once you have your eating habits under full control, move on to the next thing like exercise and master that.

It's OK to start over.  At the end of the day focus on being healthy.

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