As the founder of the 2 Live Crew Luther Campbell has made a career of saying shocking things......and meaning it.  So, it's not that shocking that he picked Wiz Khalifa as the subject of his rant in his Miami New Times blog.  However, Wiz on the other hand might just find Uncle Luke's statement a little shocking.Not that anyone asked him, Luther "Luke" Campbell recently revealed how and what he thinks of Wiz Khalifa and his relationship with Amber Rose.  Killing part is, he didn't just say what he thought, he put his thoughts  in the newspaper.

That's right.  For those of you who didn't know, Luke rights a blog/column for a local paper in Miami.  That's wear he name dropped Wiz, Soulja Boy and Amber by giving his disapproval of there love feast.

In the blog Uncle Luke rights: "You don't date another rapper's ex-girlfriend".  While at it he called Wiz and Soulja Boy "code breakers" adding that if rappers "have a relationship, it's with just one woman".

What possessed Luke to go in on Wiz no one knows, but one things for sure this has been on his mind for a minute.  Luke continued : "The boy behind the hit 'Black & Yellow' has lost his mind over a woman interested only in hogging his spotlight.  For months, Wiz has been dating former stripper Amber Rose, whose claim to fame is that her ex-boyfriend is Kanye West".

Luke further used, Will Smith, Jay Z, Ice-T, and Ice Cube as examples of rappers who have been loyal to one woman.  Uncle Luke then sums up the article by saying Wiz is soft and Amber is "triflin' ".  Wow!