When it comes to his second youngest daughter, what Ludacris says reportedly goes, and he’s backed by the courts.

Christopher “Ludacris” Bridges and his wife Eudoxie are enjoying being parents to a beautiful baby girl these days, but of course there’s his oldest daughter with an ATL lawyer, Karma, and the baby he had with a friend, Tamika Fuller, during a break up with his model girlfriend, Eudoxie, now his wife.

Documents filed on Wednesday for Luda and Tamika’s child custody case stated that "The Fast & the Furious" rapper can force his child’s mother to take down any pictures she posts of their daughter from social media that he doesn’t approve of, said TMZ.

Both parents are also not allowed to used the child in articles, interviews, or GoFundMe accounts. When it comes to his daughters doctor, religious upbringing, and school though, Mr. Bridges makes the final decision.

This custody battle has been going on for a while now. Fuller at one point tried to frame Ludacris by photoshopping photos, and alleging that he abused the child. Enough to make a judge rule in his favor. Let’s how they can work this out for the sake of the child.


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