Not sure why the woman in this video was arrested, but it’s obvious her child’s father wasn’t trying to throw her a get out of jail free card.

Here are a few our of own guesses as to why she might have been arrested.

  1. She rolled up at the beach while her child’s father was having a picnic with his new girlfriend. She got jealous and put the paws on the new girlfriend.
  2. He has custody of their child, and she was late with the child support payment.
  3. She put a Brenda Riche beat down on her man, and he called the cops.
  4. She got into an altercation with the po po, and her mouth got her in cuffs.

We really don’t know what went on in the video, but her calling out to her baby daddy “Help me, n***a! I’m your baby momma!” is kind of funny. Her being arrested isn’t funny, but her thinking he was supposed to intervene between the police officer and her getting arrested is hilarious in it’s own right. No ma’am, I’ll pick you up at the jail. No sense in us both going to jail, right?

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